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Alquds university tear gas festivities

Alquds university tear gas festivities

September 12, 2013 at 4:56pm
Tear gas at Alquds university main campus

The first time I felt, smelt, and almost got the notch of suffocation from tear gas was a few months ago on the university campus ,coinciding with the visit of American consul general to the campus for the first time .
For a naive not real political analyst in the politics of conspiracy thinking , I found it odd that the Israeli military chooses out of all those days , this particular day to play with the university students.
To those who don't know the campus, Alquds university main campus in abu dees is on the outskirts of jerusalem , the separating entity between the last scene of modernity between jerusalem and jerusalem. From the campus one can enjoy the panoramic view of jerusalem, starting from the walls of the old city until the horizons of the king david hotel , of course trying to ignore the horrific resemblance that the wall that enclaves the scene right infront of the viewer eyes. I do confess that seeing this scene every day for the last few years made it become more of a friendly one . I actually can only envision this scene of the jerusalem from Augusta victoria passing my the old city with the dome of the rock and the holy sepulcher until the tower of the Ymca with this wall. There is some thing about the way the wall encroaches the space that makes it pathetically artistic.
Anyway, sometimes, the Israeli military cars of course give themselves a permit to come and enjoy the panoramic view I could only assume . Of course their presence is not received with friendly applauding. The moment they appear there is a whole sense of gloomy anxiety that surrounds the area .
In the last week , their presence has been on daily basis , and wasn't for an enjoying the view intention.
I happened to be in the office exactly with the view . So their movement has been under my curious surveillance each time.
One would say that passerbys from school students would provoke them, but in July the schools were off, and no one was provoking them . The fact that they come , park right infront of the university buildings , and wear their gas masks , prepare their weapon and instead of directing it towards the wall side, they directly aim it towards the university direction , is definitely not something coincidental or can be considered provocative Palestinian behavior . I don't know how much it takes from someone in the road to throw them with a stone , or any kid to climb the municipal council roof and throw it on them to make them start their shooting festival of tear gas right inside the campus .
For the whole last week we have been showered with tear gas as if it is the Jewish holiday festivity in our campus . A way to welcome the beginning of a new academic year as well .
The last week also coincided wit the presence of a group of European students from around ten European universities for a course of a week period . Which brought me to the conspiracy thinking question ? Does it have to do with their presence on campus ?
If ,as with the visit of the american representative visit , the Israeli military forces choose such timing To provoke the passerbys outside the university ( they stop in the place were public transportation is situated) in order to shoot inside the university campus , then does it mean stupidity ? Do they get jealous or furious when they see that we are experiencing a normal life and the world from the other side is witnessing it ? Do they try to tell them that they are the ones in power , it's up to them to even distract and stop any event ,in one single order ?
Or there is something being prepared to start an implementation of another plan , to secure occupation, and increase suffocation of movement to the Palestinians , that has to do with the maale adomim colony that stands on what become the entrance of Abu dees ?

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