Friday, February 21, 2014

Reality of Illusion

Reality of Illusion
In a start up of a year , that all its realities are nothing but a continued illusion . I feel myself forced to stop and allude myself with a reality that continues to force itself into an illusion .
Of course this must be the effect of philosophy studies on me . At least I can philosophize the illusion of this reality within context now !!!
How cynical it is , to sit around your dining table with your kids, to discuss issues that confuses the norms and principles of what you grew up to believe as solid sets of behaviors and realize that your principles are nothing but phantoms of illusion in a reality that is invaded by a whole new set of illusion .
You switch on the tv , and you shock yourself with the new reality of what looked like an illusion some months ago , and the transformation of each ones reality into an illusion of the other side . sisi’s Egypt or mursi’s ? who is the reality and who is the illusion ?
Getting closer to the news of the center of the universe US . it is US not U.S of course!!!
So there is a Kerry’s  plan , still a secret ? well the secret is the illusion and the context is the reality of the illusion .
The different officials announcement , seriously , are they reality or illusions ? what is reality , what is illusion ?
Abbas talks to jewish students , the international boycott movement against Israel ?
No more refugees question ? or we will solve some of the issue later . But for sure, Safad was officially dropped from the map . that is not an illusion .
Mr Abbas illusion of peace or of a state ? what is the reality of his continuous disastrous conclusions?
Akkkkh ya watan , this is the remaining real feeling of an owe to a homeland that the only reality is that it became an illusion .
I can go back to the illusion of the reality that my surrounding forces on me and continue to pretend a reality of my insanity with an illusion to be sane …

Sunday, February 16, 2014

life quote 5

You don’t want to invite a wolf to dinner! You don’t have to spend your precious time and energy trying to convince him he is a wolf so he will change! A wolf doesn’t change into anything else. It is always just a wolf.
When dealing with those who are incapable of caring for other human beings, you need to begin looking at it like you would the wolf. He is what he is and you can’t change that! So you may as well set him free to his own experience in life and free yourself from his energetic control.

life quote 4

Sometimes people are Nothing, You make them Something, & When they become Something, They feel that you are Nothing.

life quote 3

life greatest gifts are in tiny gestures, moves and words.... to all who are surrounding me now, and making me feel the real person that I am ... thank u for being in my life...

life quote 2

let go and trust that whatever comes is perfectly suited for the growth you need to evolve into your best self...

life quote 1

snakes change their skin every time and might look like a metamorphosis, but it is not ..this is how it survives. don't be alluded with a snake changing skin, it changes it skin and remains a snake...stay human...

Zoe's other half

when we bought Zoe, they told us at the shelter that he was half chiwawa and half something else, they didnt know... after having him for a couple of months , and still eating whatever he might find from the underwear (he really ate almost all ) and opening doors that we close, moving chairs and climbing to get what he wants , sniffing after garbage despite he food we serve him ..totally annoying ,disobedient and really faceless... i admit he is smarter far beyond my expectations ... i kind of sure that his other half is MAN ...

Women Sacrifice

women seem to be the pre-ad7iyeh (slaughter) of the Eid this month ... A nation who dehumanize its women .. can never get to a level of claiming nationhood.. Nations need real men to claim , not savages , who abuse and slaughter their CREATORS ..

Permits to Israel

Permits to Israel
Israeli government allowing Palestinians from the West Bank to enter Israel in the last weeks, seemed like an appalling out of the ordinary phenomena to both Palestinians in and out the borders of permits.
I don’t know why are we surprised that people from the West Bank are dashing to the sea, or shopping in the malls. There is a whole Palestinian generation that doesn’t know how the sea looks like.
Unless your wealthy enough to travel to the East Bank and the West. Lest you are privileged enough to belong the PA VIP category of magnetic permits to Israel, or you are lucky enough to work on a project with an international NGO and can get a free training and trip here and there; you are among the two million and so Palestinians (excluding Gaza of course) in the West Bank who don’t know how life outside the wired fences, concreted walls and delimited checkpoints look like. Any life behind that border became a fantasy.
It doesn’t matter why the Israeli government issued such unprecedented numbers of permits. Whether it was to get more benefits as usual; such as the economical cash flow that such a movement of people allowed, or any kind of maneuver Israel as usual as well ploys. What is definitely true is that Israel’s economics will not improve because of this month money that was spent by Palestinians in Israel. Israel’s plans and moves are sadly to say, are far from what we see or want to know. Israel has transformed us into passive reactionaries instead of being not active planners, but merely normal observers, who lost the capacity of seeing beyond our moment. We even miss the moment.
I have been reading and hearing about “their” substantial passageway towards Jerusalem (Israel). We already became “us” and ‘them”, another sub-category of the “we “ and “them”, which makes “them” sub-category of “ we”, because we originally have a whole category of “them” relating to the Israelis.
Why do we find it so absurd , that people are flowing on the sea-shore of the Mediterranean ? What do we want from “them” and “them” (the sub-category of one of the categories) ?
Do we want “them” to stay roaming inside the barbed wires and cemented walls?
Do we want “them” to keep “them” locked up in what looks like ghettos ?
We want everyone or boycott Israel , except us . Israel is as much vital to “them” as much as it is to “us” . Among us, as well, those who would boycott Israel ,if they exist ,are only those who are extremely tolerant, aware, educated and rich . IF you are not someone with such a characteristic then you cannot boycott Israel, because otherwise you are absolutely dependent on “them” .
Boycotting need a clear strategy with a clear viable vision , with achievable objectives and sustainable goals and a workplan that can be accomplished . People are not just things that can be controlled on a remote control , with on and off buttons.
What should we expect from people who watch their operating government drowning in dysfunctional apparatus, stinking with corruption, totally bankrupted.
One day the whole nation is set for boycotting , on the evening of the very same day , whoever announced boycotting announces meetings for negotiations.
Those big patriots who call for boycott, have the privilege of making their announcements from coffee shops in Ramallah who sell coffee for $5 , and attend seminars in Europe every next month or week sometimes. And have magnetic permits that allow them to enter Israel whenever they wanted.
And “Israel” who always benefits from our continuous failures, I sincerely thank “them” for allowing “them” to have a breeze out of the ghettos , even if “they” spent their year savings, or took loans in Israeli markets …

from Spinoza

" I plan to live a religious life without the interference of any religion. I believe that all religions - simply block our view of the core religious truths. I hope for a world someday without religion,a world with a universal religion in which all individuals use their reason to experience and to venerate God." Spinoza 1656 and me now

نشعر بالحزن والألم عندما نضع الرئيس الفلسطيني محمود عباس وسلطته في خانة الخاسرين من هذه الحرب، فلم يرتقِ الى مستوى هذه اللحظة التاريخية، ويقدم على مواقف شجاعة ينقلب من خلالها على كل مواقفه السابقة التي لم تقده والسلطة الاّ الى المزيد من الإهانات والاذلال.
فحتى التنسيق الأمني الذي كان الورقة الاقوى في يده قد احرقتها هذه الحرب، عندما وصلت صواريخ الإيمان، الذي عمل طوال الوقت وقوات أمنه على منع وصولها الى مدن الضفة، الى قلب مستوطنات القدس المحتلة، قادمة من غزة العزة والكرامة، ولا نستغرب ان تكون في المرة المقبلة اكثر دقة في اصابة اهدافها، لأنها لم تكن، ولم تعد صواريخ عبثية.

Should I cry you Palestine?

Should I cry you Palestine?
Another time , in another scenario that is embrace under the umbrella of the united nation .
When sixty four years ago , the announcement of Israel was made, out of nothing ,
Today the announcement of Palestine would be made , but to nothing .
It is a sad day for what is left of Palestine ..
Palestine the meaning
Palestine the nationhood
Palestine the homeland
Palestine the geography
Palestine the people
Palestine the resistance
Palestine the cause
Tonight we will be granted a Palestine , with no meaning left except the pronunciation of the word that has been engraved in our existence.
Tonight we will be granted a Palestine , with no borders or sovereignty .
A Palestine with an authority that safeguards Oppression .
A Palestine with a erased geography
A Palestine with displaced population
A Palestine with chunks of a land
A Palestine with a fraction of people
Tonight , I am crying Palestine ,
To an announcement of a word that will be meaningless ..
To a word that will take away my dream of a land
Our aspiration to freedom
Our thrive to be a nor al citizen of a normal country.
Tonight we will have a Palestine ,
With separated borders ,
Seized cities ,
Surrounded with wired walls and checkpoints.
Enclaved with settlements
A Palestine with no foggish institutions
A Palestine with dependent economy
A Palestine with defined borders only in the clouds
A Palestine that transferred into an air bubble....where its people has been resigned to live in since two decades..
A bubble that when blown uphill consist of both the people and the land...
Rest in peace... My sweet dream of Palestine....

another woman murder

In my society , the cheapest thing is a woman's life. I don't know if there is anything more to add.. But it still feels bitter . A society that defies its women is a society unworthy of being .. A society where a woman murder passes by like a dog killed on a road , with a difference that curiosity is aroused to why and what she must have done , is a society with no honour . A society that continues to blame the victim and the murderer is out there free and sound is a society that deserves only occupation ... Rest in peace dear women.. Somewhere up maybe there will be justice... Because as Long as our justice systems is dictated by patriarchal tyranny you will remain the cheapest being in a society that you make .

Assaf Rush 1

موضوع استقالة رئيس الوزراء ممكن يشتت التصويت لعساف . 
خصوصا انه هلا راح نقعد في حالة تربص وانتظار من هون للوجهاء يحاولوا يردوه ... 
الحقيقهً انه كان خبر حلو ... مش محبة او ضغنا للرجل ... ولكن الوضع الهزلي الذي نعيش فيه يعطي لهذا حركات بعض المنطق ... الحمدالله طلع مش ناوي يخلي حدا يولي ايده .. ومن الطبيعي انه وأخد منصب على الاقل يكون فيه مش لعبة ( طرطور ) عيني عينك . بكفي انه منصب غير شرعيٍ وغير قانوني في سلطة منتهية الصلاحية ورئيس انتهت ولايته من زمان وبدون مجلس تشريعي وانقسام وحكومة منقلبة كمان منتهية الصلاحية ... وإسرائيل من كل الجهات والخلايلة بدهم وزارات وأهل نابلس جماعته عملوا له مظاهرات .... وكمان قبل ما يقول يا الله نوابه ببدوا يشتغلوا فيه ... طب اعطوا الرجل نفس وخلي الكرسي القعد عليه يدفا شوي عشان عل هقل يتعود عليه ويعيش الدور ....
بجد كل شي مسخرة واللي كتبته ما هو الا هذيان مسخرة ما بيزبط بهيك وضع أمسخر من هيك ....
خلينا نرجع نلتهي بعساف .... ويا رب لما ييجي الvoice يكون فيه كمان فلسطيني معدول عشان نلتهي فيه ...

لا افهم باي وجه سيقابل المسلمون رمضان هذا العام ، ولقد انقسموا فيما بينهم واستباحوا دماء بعضهم. باي وجه يقيمون الصلوات وسيدعون المغفرة ولقد أفتووا سفك الدم المسلم .
باي وجه نترقب شهرا فضيلا ولقد ماتت في انفسنا ألرحمه وانعدمت الأحاسيس .
باي وجه ندعو الى التقوى ولقد انعدمت مخافة الله من قلوبنا
باي وجه تبدأ التهاني بشهر الخير ولقد انتشر الشر في نفوسنا ...
لا استغرب من نفوس انعدم الحياء من قلبها امام خالقها ، وباتت شعائره تتداول لتكملة حدث يلهيهها اكثر ...
سنحتفي برمضان ولقد أطلقت هذا العام جميع الشياطين لتتناول إفطار رمضان سوية على موائد العصيان وشرب نخوبٍ بدماء من يسقطون من هؤلاء او أولئك .... من هم مسلمون ....
رمضان كريم ؟؟؟

It's Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq.....not mursi or Mubarak ,not bashar or nusra , not Abbas or Hamas , not Sunnis or Shiites . And Egypt ,Syria, Palestine ,Iraq ..... Are Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians, Iraqis ...... And these are People ... What counts .. What fights should be about ... We need to support humanity not stones. Our fight is for the liberation of a human through life not through martyrdom... Isnt it time that we start fighting for life not for death ?

انا مع مصر ، سوريا ، فلسطين، العراق ،..... لست مع مرسي او مبارك ، بشار او النصرة، عباس او حماس ، السنة او الشيعة.
ومصر ، سوريا، فلسطين ، العراق ..... هو الانسان المصري ، السوري، الفلسطيني، العراقي ،.... هذا ما يهم . هؤلاء هم من ادعم . نحن بحاجة لدعم الانسانية . حربنا يجب ان تكون لدعم الانسان وليس دعم المكان . حربنا يجب ان تكون لتحرير الانسان من اجل ان يعيش ، لا من اجل ان يموت شهيدا . الم يحن الوقت لان نبدأ المحاربة من اجل الحياة لا من اجل الموت ؟

كم من المجحف مساواة التجارب . وكم من المؤسف مساواة الثورة التي أطاحت بطاغية كم بارك وغبي كمرسي ، واصطفاك الجيش والشرطة لخدمة شعب هرول ونام بالشوارع واستمر بالتظاهر حتى انتصار كلمته ، بشعب لا يقوى على تجميع العشرات من اجل تظاهرة ضد ماذا وماذا لا نستطيع ان نعد.. فنحن كنا شعبا يقاوم احتلال ، واصبحنا شعوبا بعضها موالي للاحتلال وبعضها منقسم الى شعيبات والباقي شخوص متفرجة تقوم على قوت يومها .
وبين كل هذا وذاك ، تنقسم في موالاتنا للشعوب، ولم نعد نعرف نحن مع من وضد من ؟ مع النظام السوري ام مع النصرة ؟ مع الشعب السوري ؟ يا مسكين أيها الشعب السوري .. فلقد داسوك وهرسوك وذبحوك ولا نزال نعتلي خرابك وهتف معك ضد النظام او معه .
ومصر تسيل دماء وفيما تقف على مفترق تحررها وثورتها ، نرفًرف اعلام الولاء للإخوان او للجيش . والشعب المصري ما يزال حاضرا يقول كلمته ... تتصايح الآراء عبر شاشات التلفاز، وتحول كل من يقف وراء شاشة الي محلل سياسي ، الكل منشغل في إدانة الاخر .
وهنا في فلسطين ... فلسطين ، فلقد منحنا الاسم من قبل الامم المتحدة ، ولقد قبلنا بنزعنا الوطن .. اصبح لمكاننا اسم فلسطين ، ولقد ضاع بداخلنا الوطن ... قبلنا بدور الخانع الزاحف وراء لقمة عيش نسميها حلال ، ورضينا بالاحتلال رداء لوهننا، وحولنا المارون من كياننا لسماسرة تبيع وتشتري في وجودنا .
واكتفينا بشعار واهن هنا ، وشجب خجول هناك ، ونستمر في حك جلودنا بالمراءاه لكل من يحمل حقيبة وزارية او مصلحة حكوميه او قريب من ذلك او تلك في أروقة المقاطعة المديدة.
ونحمل شعارات لأبطال في بلاد كمصر والشام ..ونتسلق على بطولاتهم ، فتصبح في خيالها تظاهراتنا مليونية ، ويصبح الشرطي الواقف امام الجموع التائهة اصلا قائد جيش يحرر الوطن ...
وتستمر اسرائيل في احتلالنا ... فتمتد المستعمرات وتشق لها الشوارع ونتفرج ... يتفرج عليها الشرطي الفلسطيني بينما تقتحم بجيشها بيوتنا ومخيماتنا ويذهب لإكمال ورديته مع كوب شاي اخر . وبينما أسرانا يتعفنون بالسجون ، يقوم رئيسنا "بتنظيم حفل "راس السنه اليهوديه لأعضاء كنيست.
والجيش الامريكي يزحف لدمار وطن اخر وتمزيقه . ونحننهتف بشعارات مع او ضد .
ويضيع الوطن مرة اخرى ... أوطانا ممزقة متناثرة مبعثرة ...ونتفرج ونشتم ونشجب ونكتب ستاتوسات مع او ضد وننشيءدولا حرة على صفحاتنا الفيسبوكية ...

more attacks on Campus

January 22-2014
While all is busy with Kerry's plan or no plan. A temporarily government waiting to change its cabinet another time. A prime minister making patriotic moves infront if checkpoints. News on birzeit university two girls taking off their sweaters!!! We are practically under siege in a university campus with around thirteen thousand people inside since three hours . Tear gas , rubber bullets , army vehicles , glass splashing , stones, non stop explosions of shootings immunitions. Sirens , ambulances , screams ... The air is filled with cloud of poisonous gas ...
Well... It is the most excessive day of Israeli almost daily incursions... And today is another day. And we are no even making news !!!


بعد سب الاحتلال و شتمه وتحميله ما جرى اليوم في حرم الجامعه ( وانا هنا لا استهزيء) . اود ان اطرح سؤال . هل نتحمل نحن مسؤوليه الغاز الذي شممنه والاختناقات ؟ هل نتحمل الاصابات ؟ هل نتحمل مسؤوليه الخراب المادي الذي حصل ؟ وان لم نكن نتحمله من ناحية مسؤوليه ، فلا شك باننا سنتحمل مسؤولية دفع ثمن الخسائر ، لان الاحتلال لن يدفع . نحن سندفع مقابل الشجر الذي حرق والزجاج الذي تكسر والابواب التي تحطمت والسيارات التي تهشم زجاجها الى اخره.....
في كل مره ارى حالة الهرع والجزع التي تحصل ، افكر بمن المستفيد الاكبر . هل ما يحصل هو مقاومه للاحتلال ؟ ادرك بان وجودهم على شارع الجامعه بحد ذاته مستفز . ولكنهم يقومون بواجبهم كاحتلال . فاولئك الجنود عادوا الي بيوتهم اليوم بدون شك مع شعور بذروة الانتصار mission accomplished..ونحن رجعنا الى بيوتنا مختنقين ، تعطيل كامل ليوم عمل ( بغض النظر ) .
بصراحه لا اعرف ما هي الخطوات التي يجب ان نفكر بها . عندما نرى مركبات الاحتلال مستعده للهجوم في كل مره تأتي الى الجامعه . هل رميهم بالحجاره هو عمل وطني ؟ هل تطنيشنا لهم واخلاء مناطق التماس معهم عمل جبان ؟
هل ما حدث اليوم هو عمل بطولي لنا وعمل غاشم للاحتلال فقط ؟ ام هو حادث على ما يبدو بدأ يتزامن مع بداية كل فصل ؟ لا داعي للتنسيق مع الاحتلال ، فهم هناك على خط التماس ، عملهم كعمل الشرطي في حاله اصدار مخالفات ، في كل مره يطلقون نيرانهم تجاهنا يتوجوا بحوافز تزيدهم رتبا . السؤال هو لنا . نحن موظفون وطلبه . ما الذي يجب ان نفعله في حال تواجد جيش الاحتلال ؟ هل خسائرنا مبررة ؟ هل خسائرنا مكسب للوطن ؟ هل خسائرنا تزيد من قضيتنا بروزا ؟ هل خسائرنا تفضح الاحتلال ؟ وان كان نعم . ما الذي نفعله او علينا ان نفعله لنستفيد على الاقل من كميه الغازات السامه التي نستنشقها لنزهق بها للعالم من حولنا ونجعلهم يشهدوا على مصابنا ؟؟؟؟

They blew up the house

they blew up the house

July 29, 2009 at 2:53am

They blew up the House !!

I thought I was having the luxury of talking about the demolition issue. I was even dragging myself into talking about it one more time from the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

I was blaming deep inside me my whole ideological conflict in the whole Israeli /Palestinian work and its real impact on this kind of exertion for detaching from this issue.

I needed a break of disengagement from all this involvement.

I was questioning all those ideological differences. But never gave up on our efficiency as people.

It is us who will adhere up to our cause and fight for it.

It is us who can and should resist,

It’s us who can create the difference.

Abu Eishe Majed…

Our interaction came on that house issue.

Maybe it is better to call it a house, it is no longer there, it couldn’t have been a home, they never endorsed it to be the home to those people.

I invited him to join a committee I am building for the proper housing and home demolitions issues. After an hour session, he left me overwhelmed, breaking all the stereotypes I had heard about from his being rich and capable.

He was well-off and competent and fighting with all his might to prevent what he believed strongly was a human subjugation to a straightforward right of living in dignity.

I was hearing him, listenening with approbation to how such a dramatic, traumatic situation can transform one man into a hero.

How one simple man, in spite of all the contentions of being affluent can do to fight for his right?

I was appreciative to his perseverance, his willingness and determination, to pay until the last dollar to hoard this house. He developed into more conversant in law and disorder, in rights and compulsions of this system.

And he was all set to encounter to the end.

Many saw him as a prevailing wealthy who is going to obtain his means with the authorities.

I was considering him as a model, as a brave man in skirmishing for his choice to fight for the house, even if it outlay him his life.

A house, like thousands others, a fight a man decided to put and utilize all his power to struggle for his right in it.

He refused to evacuate, he appealed to one court after another. He hired over seven lawyers he would drive to lawyers and legislators in Tel Aviv. He created a solidarity movement to prevent the demolition. .

He managed to mobilize the locals, legislators, community leaders, and religious leaders, volunteers who came and sat in solidarity at the house.

People marched in demonstrations in Jerusalem to protest house demolitions.

And the cause was just and couldn’t be more worthful.

It was a fight for the right of a haven.

A right for living in dignity in ones own house,

his own home,


He stopped,



Conveyed all the essential explanations, vindications , clarifications to prevent and impede the demolition and win in a fair court.

I was scrutinizing the process with caution, with discretion and partiality.

If every Palestinian whose house was about to be demolished will fight with all his might, we will at the end win.

If we fight unceasingly for our rights we will ultimately get out.

We will eventually have a life with dignity.

Each with his own capacity and capabilities, educated, rich, poor, professional, intellect, businessman, tradesman, all…


It never works this way.

Occupation is ferocious.

As if they are set to remind us, that no matter how far we go, they will always occupy us.

Occupation is a real gruesome disease.

It is like a fatal cancer.

No matter how you endeavour to alleviate it.

It will kill you.

They couldn’t demolish the house.

All ways, apparatus, methods, tools were used.

I have been observing this case as many other cases I adaged, the way this man was mobilizing everything was a model to real persistent resistance.

I am in no doubt that the primary thing anyone would utter, “why did he build without a permit”, “if he had the money why didn’t he do it the right way from the beginning”.

There was a building permit, it is factual that building surpassed the permit measures, however, what the man did was legitimate, and it goes into each one of us minds, when we pay hundreds of thousands for a piece of land in an area like Beit Hanina, and the authourity in case we have money so we can try our best with our money to make it as swift and feasible, so when we are ‘blessed’ it will be only a few years, we will be approved to construct on only a certain boundary. Exceeding would put us into a risk of either paying a fine, or demolishing the extensions.

Thinking and believing, that when we have the money we can employ the legal system to try to expand as much building as possible, is only legitimate.

In the case of this house, the building didn’t create any environmental threat; the space was enormous, only a fool would just build according to the limits.

When people bought the apartments they went to the municipality to check out the permit, and they were given assertions that everything was ok.

What was unexpected, that in the interior of this system, there is no specific law that applies here.

There is only one law that is particularly premeditated for the Palestinians.

The law that grants the smallest clergy in the offices of the municipality grow to be a law maker.

So expecting that the law system will not create a constitution intended to bring Palestinians home down, was one more time, an imprudent ploy from us.

The Israeli power couldn’t get a bulldozer to enter the premises of the neighbours, who were assembled audaciously with the residents of the house.

And here again, the well-off and rationales ,thought that they were doing it the humanitarian, legal way , at the end of the day , they were one more time dodged to believe that Israel is a State of law.

Israel is a democracy.

Israel proved us all one more time mistaken.

Israel is only a State of Occupation.


Professor Abdul Jawed form Beir Zeit University, used a new term to describe the Israeli actions against the Palestinians in one well put word: SOCIOCIDE, it is exactly our state at the moment, in reality this has been our state since 1948.

Sociocide carries with it, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, genocide, de-development, de-humanizing, and all state of occupation we can add to the list of Israeli actions against us.

They couldn’t demolish the house, they couldn’t get the bulldozers in, and they refused the appeals. The mobilizing of the people annoyed them; the persistence of this man aggravated them.

The residents were worried about their building foundations. Well, the Israeli Authority got inspired!!!

They exploded the house!!!!!

It is cleaner, faster, guarantees everyone’s evacuation, and assures terrifying and horrifying effects, and of course, this is an extra, pledges real and promising long time effects of threatening building foundations in the whole neighbourhood.

A way too more expensive method, tools, technicians, experts, who cares, the owner of the house will be sent the bill.

They blasted the house!

Another quick reminder from the occupation.

To all the privileged Residents of Jerusalem.

Maybe a Wake up call!

That we are not privileged.

We cannot be privileged under a State of Occupation.

They exploded the house!

My mind is still racing, screaming: they can’t!

Demolition is already a nightmare.


What shape of reality would we live with?

Apart from what is to happen to Majed, to his family, to the other owners and their families.

The rest of the families, who were smarter according to many, to evacuate a year ago. What about the neighbours?

The effect of the dynamite

the explosives on the foundations of the rest of the neighbourhood.

My children who were watching, who saw a beautiful house disappearing.

The same house they and I watched building from a distance. What will my neighbour who is finishing his house feel?

What if he too was building with a permit “disorder”?

They bombed and left!!

This time not departing the people with a “feeling” of fear, of threat that they are haunted by the same ghost of occupation that will keep haunting them,

But with a scar,

a bombard deep inside of us,

With a reality, no longer haunting us, but living inside us.

An occupation, that persists on residing within us.

A physical occupation, along with all social occupations they implanted in us.

An occupation that strangles us, suffocates us.

An occupation that insists to stay.

An occupation, that no matter how we think we resist,

In accordance with our humanity.

In opposition to what they taught us we would be considered terror.
They insist,

They insist on occupying us.

To all those privileged Residences of Jerusalem

Who didn’t have a chance to witness a demolition, or ever to bother to know about.

We have all been privileged to hear the blast.

They bombed the house!

They bombed at base of a security line; we were trying to build for ourselves, for our children.

We wanted; I wanted to believe that we can make a change.

We can create the change.

We have just received the reply


Because they won’t allow us.

Would there be a tomorrow to think about ?

What are my children thinking?

They watched

They witnessed

They saw it all before their eyes

They didn’t need to be in Gaza

They didn’t need to be anywhere except home

How can I teach them peace, when it is all war?

A war we are not watching on TV,

A war we are watching from our windows.

A war with combatants from all colours and suits.

An army right down the street.

A war brought to our homes.

They bombed the house!!!!!!!!

Nadia Harhash


A Tour around injustice

a tour around injustice

July 29, 2009 at 2:55am
Kfar Saba and Qalquilya,

We left at around 9 from Anata check point, the weather was already hot.
For the first time, I had the opportunity to see the other side of the road on 443 to Modiin.
Fred was explaining all the way, and it is amazing how things turn out to be. The reality is too hard that I feel numb.
With all what he said, one thing was so difficult for me to just let pass through my memory, that the Israelis steal olive trees and sell them in the market for something up to 6000 shekels for a 200 year old tree.
I was so sad, I wished they only cut and kill those trees.
But uprooting them and planting them somewhere else, was so unbelievable for me.
Not that I should be surprised, the whole country was gone this way.
I felt my eyes filled with tears as I imagined those trees planted in an Israeli park or backyard, planting a new fact on the ground, that their presence in this land is as old as this living tree.
We were received in Kfar Saba by the vice deputy mayor, a nice looking man who loves music and culture. He is a typical labor party person. He started by speaking about the water, and said how Kfar Saba and Qalquilya share the same natural resources, such as the water we were drinking now; he said that the wall was built after an incident of shooting to an Israeli girl by a gunman from Qalquilya.
He had wrong information about when the first intifada started; he was saying that the two people lived happily until the first intifada broke in 1982-83.
He also wished that the two cities would be one big city, and there would be no borders but they needed security to their people.
He said that the city made a phenomenal music festival where their neighbors from Tireh came ……….
I couldn’t help but ask a question, when he talked about terrorist attacks that the wall stopped, I said that the wall doesn’t stop any attack, he said that he agreed, and the people don’t move freely through a check point or a gate that opens at dawn for two hours and close by sunset, this is not the kind of movement you would imagine having for your people.
I was angry on this act of denial of how much real those people on the other side are. How much they don’t even care.
As an act of solidarity, we had lunch in an ARAB restaurant in Kfar Saba.
The guy who served us was a jerk, because I sat on a separate table with Garry and Abraham the driver. There was no place left for one person, so I saw with Abraham, and Garry offered to sit with us. It wasn’t acceptable for the waiter because we consumed a table.
Anyway, it wasn’t the best thing for me to sit opposite to the driver watching him eat, but the man needed to eat, and it wasn’t right to leave him sitting outside as a dog waiting for the leftovers.
I was already feeling sleepy, I barely slept for 3 hours last night, and the weather was so hot. We walked through the city of Kfar Saba, very clean and spacious and lots of OLD OLIVE TREES.
We went to a settlement, called alfe menach, inside the west bank.
The settlement is on a hilltop, with a big swimming pool and a beautiful landscape, and very quiet.
There was a settler COWBOY waiting for us , he looked funny with the way he was dressed , a pistol to his side and a cowboy hat ,and spoke perfect English and tried to look as cool as possible .
The first thing he said was that h e didn’t know if he was the right person to address the group far from speaking English. And the moment he started a well planned and prepared presentation, I wondered how much thought before he said that word, did he spend preparing that LEGAL presentation.
He started by saying and continued discussing all the U.N articles and resolutions, and the difference between the accords and Security Council resolutions.
It was so alluding and bullshitting.
He was asking questions and answering them. I hacked in and said then Israel doesn’t exist if the UN resolution 181 is irrelevant.
He didn’t like me; I didn’t like him at all. It was really annoying to hear him speak.
Many people in the group hated the way he was speaking, they gave him negative remarks, especially in the way he addressed the group, as if he knew everything and we were a bunch of ignorant who had no idea what the international law is about, and of course he is the bright guy lecturing us.
Some members in the group found it was ven more irritating that they decide not to stay.
I really wanted to leave, i wanted to scream , but since I was there I thought the best I did is to piss him of .
I wished to scream so loudly, to him, and to all of them, to that entire fucking world, just look around to what you are doing to those people down that hill or behind it, just open your fucking eyes and look. These are humans, they have the same running blood, and they want to live as much as you want to live.
Stop lying to yourself and to the world
Stop lying to your humanity.
It didn’t matter much for me if it was his right to say what he had to say, I didn’t care.
We were not in the Security Council discussing this; we were there on the ground,
It is absolutely different.
We left to the villages around Qalquilya, we went to a village called IMETIN, it could mean um itteen (figs) or um maten (two nations), a sudden feeling of serenity entered my body as we were passing through the village.
This is a real village, with those old stones, wadis, up hills, the smell was even different, although it was big and we could see people everywhere, especially youngsters and kids, but it was so surreal.
We were received at the community center, which seems to be new, with a feast of people, youth, men, and kids, the village council, the Mayer the mukhtar... to my surprise there was a woman sitting waiting for us, a good looking woman with no veil . The whole atmosphere was pleasant, we were hearing about their suffering, the water problem, the electricity.
Villages living on limited generator of electricity, still use water through tanks, with very limited access.
In the second village, Hajja, there was no electricity because the generator broke off last night.
It was saddening, so depressing,
But the people were so nice, so hospitable,
It kills me .and as I write this I can't stop my tears.
What ever is happening to the Palestinian people is so unfair, when you see people who just want to live, who with all the oppression, the agitation they live in, they are still hopeful, they just want to have a life.
Just a life, a normal life.
These people don’t have access to proper electricity, who the hell in this century have such a problem, and worse, a few meters away, in the settlements, in all Israeli cities, they can't even imagine what it means. It could not even be a possibility to even feel the lack of water or electricity. In one of the villages, they don’t have sewage system, which led to water contamination and amoebae infections to the children.
And people were so kind to us, thinking that our presence would make a difference.
Maybe it made some difference; they found some people to share with them their human sufferings.
This is not about people living in poverty or famine or ignorance, it is about people who have the skills and capabilities to run respectful lives, but they are denied that access to their natural rights for survival.
When villages with agricultural based economy, can't use their natural water resource to water their plants.
When they cannot get a connection to electricity and the main generator is standing at the end of the village.
People in this land are denied access to life.
As simple as these few words may mean, as hard it is for me to absorb it.
I can't just forget about those miseries, those subjugated, repressed lives and just go on in my life.
A few days ago, as I was helping in building , I came to understand , what makes people like the volunteers to come and do whatever they do, it was such a beautiful collective feeling of real contribution to a real human act .
But what I saw in those villages and the nearby Israeli settlement and city , made me understand the apprehensive anxiousness in Clemens the water specialist who was lecturing in daila some time ago, or Ilan Pappe vicious analysis and true concern in exposing what he discovered . All those people, who I always thought that they must be over exaggerating in their reactions, it is bad, but there is no need for all this.
Now I understand,
Now I understand that sympathizing is something, seeing is something, understanding is something, revealing is something,
But deciding to put our humanity in the real test is something we cannot all do.
I was seeing in the eyes of some of the company irritation of how I behaved, or how I commented.
But I was there, in that place, where I couldn’t pretend anymore. I don’t know if the fact that I am a Palestinian made me behave differently or not.
But it wasn't about being a Palestinian.
My suffering in life is far from occupation as theirs. It was that human thing, that human tragedy I was witnessing falling and practiced on those people, and I couldn’t watch in silence.
Maybe for many this is just a journey in knowledge, a journey that will result in a study and another scholar revelation,
It moves our humanities for a while, for those moments, and then we turn that page and move on.
I don’t know how much I can move on.

angry reflection on political darkness

a fuck you prose to the shameful PA ..with all thee respect to all those respectful ones .....

October 2, 2009 at 3:53am
This could be most and only X-RATED writing ever .
I still can’t deem how shameful the news that :“The Palestinian Authority on Thursday decided to drop its draft resolution condemning Israel's conduct during the Gaza Strip offensive, in effect deferring its adoption of the Goldstone's Commission report “,
I was fucking every single word that could come out of my mouth . I was sending a friend of mine another fuck your authority (meaning the PA) sentence when he strikingly surprised me with his reply: well my dear Fuck you, because Israel will keep fucking us even without a condom .
And as the conversation proceeded with another friend , who told me the Israelis are contaminated with AIDs ,and I said well, who cares, and Palestinians are like prostitutes, they already paid for their fuck .
I am so furious ..
Earlier this morning, the Israeli Ambassador to the UN was losing hope on any chances of avoiding a vote against taking the report to the Security Council . he was waiting for an American and European pressure over changing the votes.
Netanyaho, as blunt and arrogant as ever was saying that this report will be an obstacle for proceeding peace talks .
FUCK again …
Well this can never be anything for publication…
A very good friend of mine assured me that I could go on fucking who ever I want , no one is taking me seriously …
So , to be reassured … fuck them again ….
Maybe it is true , the up-coming elections will be the end of this fucked up mockery …
These people stripped us from our land . they are stripping us now from whatever is left of our dignity.
Damn them …
Shame on them
And of course