Sunday, February 16, 2014

angry reflection on political darkness

a fuck you prose to the shameful PA ..with all thee respect to all those respectful ones .....

October 2, 2009 at 3:53am
This could be most and only X-RATED writing ever .
I still can’t deem how shameful the news that :“The Palestinian Authority on Thursday decided to drop its draft resolution condemning Israel's conduct during the Gaza Strip offensive, in effect deferring its adoption of the Goldstone's Commission report “,
I was fucking every single word that could come out of my mouth . I was sending a friend of mine another fuck your authority (meaning the PA) sentence when he strikingly surprised me with his reply: well my dear Fuck you, because Israel will keep fucking us even without a condom .
And as the conversation proceeded with another friend , who told me the Israelis are contaminated with AIDs ,and I said well, who cares, and Palestinians are like prostitutes, they already paid for their fuck .
I am so furious ..
Earlier this morning, the Israeli Ambassador to the UN was losing hope on any chances of avoiding a vote against taking the report to the Security Council . he was waiting for an American and European pressure over changing the votes.
Netanyaho, as blunt and arrogant as ever was saying that this report will be an obstacle for proceeding peace talks .
FUCK again …
Well this can never be anything for publication…
A very good friend of mine assured me that I could go on fucking who ever I want , no one is taking me seriously …
So , to be reassured … fuck them again ….
Maybe it is true , the up-coming elections will be the end of this fucked up mockery …
These people stripped us from our land . they are stripping us now from whatever is left of our dignity.
Damn them …
Shame on them
And of course

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