Thursday, February 13, 2014

Erasing memories
I couldn’t avoid watching this series on TV Palestine , for Maher Shalabi from Palsetinian Refugee Camps and bypass it from my mind like any TV series. From the first day , of Ramadan , the show was broadcasting , reflecting a harsh reality that only continues to get bitter and sour .
Maybe the host's immediate response to what he is witnessing makes it easier for us to watch and react , because we distinguish him reacting , even when attempting to keep pragmatic ,we can't but undergo his bitterness .
Palestinian Refugees are a continuous transgression for humanity .. For more than sixty years , our leaderships , governments , aid organizations , peace and political activists and organizations rushed to try to find a solution for these people and often if not always soliciting on their accounts . Each prospering on his own way ………on the back and lives of these people .
And they ;stripped from not just a town or a village , a home or a shelter , but from identity .
I look into those faces, and observe their thrash about refreshing that memory for what once was a dream of a home, of a homeland.
Besieged to remember a name of a city or a town or a neighboring village. An older generation of traumatized and shattered down dreams and continuous nightmares of a non ending wretchedness. A younger generation who scarcely apprehend that a Palestine exist … knowing only the despondent HERE they live in . In a situation likely portrayed as something coming from a dusk division of a primeval past, where the sixty years never moved.
Memories of a past erased with a miserable reality existed for a meager survival for instances. Memories of a nation that would rather not exist …
Because to those faces, if it really existed they wouldn't be living in this miserable reality ..
Nadia Harhash

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