Thursday, February 13, 2014

Iive Results from Anapolis

Implementing Promises, on the ground:

Monday was a very vigorous day for the Israeli authorities for implementing the Annapolis promises.
We rushed to Sur Baher ,a Palestinian village in the suburbs of Jerusalem, surrounded by settlements from all sides, the newest among that enclave of settlements is Har Homa, Abu Ghneim, which while putting Annapolis into practice a decision of adding 300 units to that illegal settlement was taken.
We knew that we missed another demolition that took place earlier during the day in Zaayyem , another neighborhood in the West Bank (Palestinian) part of Jerusalem.
We took a cab from the city, going to what seemed to be a nowhere land, it is always such a surprise to find oneself molding in those neighborhoods that lay right behind civilization. As if we enter another segment of evolution, as if we walk into a pre historical era, where only roads detach us and not time.
Our adventure started when we located one of the bulldozers protected by army jeeps going towards an unknown destination that was a potential target of demolition after demolishing the first house. Our friend was describing to us a bulldozer and we discovered that we were following another one. Driving behind that troop of different army vehicles seemed like driving in a funeral ceremony. All following the deceased car, in this case the bulldozer.
After a very long drive, we discovered it was the wrong bulldozer, the troop was with the bulldozer that finished the first demolition, apparently, they did not want to exhaust the DAEWOO industry more, one destruction was enough per vehicle.
Looking and looking inside and around the HUMMOS VALLEY was long, I never expected this wide landscape in these areas.
Finally, we were there, exactly in time for the next demolition.
Dozens of people were there watching with silence, as the jaws of that vicious metal creature was starting to take down the place.
The owner of the house, was not there, was at work, expecting a normal day.
Less tragic, the house was still newly built not yet inhabited, maybe to my luck; I missed the first demolition, where the house was occupied.
We were all watching, more and more people approaching the scene, and when the whole house was equal with the ground, the army started to take a move backwards, around seven or eight different vehicles, and horses with lots of soldiers were there.
While everyone was looking helpless and speechless, I was asking about the owner, when one of the men pointed to someone coming, a young man, coming with a smile on his face, everyone was telling him that they were sorry and it should be ok, and that God will be there for him, he was looking with his smiling face, and kept walking towards the rubbles, and suddenly he jumped over the border police and tried to grab the man in the bulldozer.
Everyone was enthusiastic, a disorder started to take over the silence, everyone was trying to calm everyone else, the police tried to move quickly, and at the same time they were ready to get into action.

On our way ,while searching for the place, I was astounded by the amount of stillness and indifference people showed, most of them didn’t even know that there was a demolition, and those who knew said it as if it was a very normal act. Everything seemed to be just like a regular day. OH, THE BULLDOZERS WERE HEADING TOWARDS SOME PLACE TO DEMOLISH…who cares.

People look at the demolition as if it is something that just affecting those who are having their homes demolished. An absolute overwhelming state of indifference that is really plugs the whole atmosphere.
After three demolitions in the past hours, it was not going to be of any surprise if another demolition would take place next. Before they demolished the last house, a word spread that they were about to demolish the mosque, which was close by.
I believe as all those sensations were stimulated, and no one could do anything ,the only way people were going to be mobilized and have all their feelings out was by making them go to the mosque and try to defend the HOUSE OF GOD.
Suddenly the loudspeaker in the mosque was echoing everywhere in the village, and the speaker was urging people to come to the mosque. In addition, everyone in the village was rushing towards the mosque.

I was wondering about all that indifference towards demolishing one house after another, about just seeing the bulldozers approaching the village and just watching and not even move. In addition, how in one single call for the mosque everyone swifted out.
If one of those influential men called for the people on the loudspeaker as the bulldozers started approaching the village, many things could have changed.
It is true that the occupation army could become violent, but is there any shoddier aggression than demolishing our homes?
Why not anyone did howl out to shield the houses of helpless people and everyone rushed to save the house of God, God does not need our protection, and He does not need our help. He can protect His own HOUSE; HE would rather want us to battle for our house; for one another.
It is outlandish how everyone is ready to sprint for the MIGHTY GOD, Who simply does not need us, we would gaze at our lives demolished before our eyes, and we simply take ourselves to standstill and watch.
Consent ourselves to expire, not once, but keep failing into a hole of despair that is becoming our graveyard.

Nadia Harhash

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