Thursday, February 13, 2014 will always be our heroes

I dont want to look like someone who believes in conspiracy theories ,and that the whole world is conspiring against us . It is true... however .. the series of TERROR incidents , closed today by the ugly and vicious murder of the ISM Italian activist Vittorio seem to be too organized rather than committed by fundamentalist terrorist palestinians.
I refuse to call these people who can commit such murders as palestinians, or even humans . But trying to rationalize the situation .. a quick snapshot of the murder of the Freedom hero of Jenin Juliano came to my mind .
Non of those murders made me feel shameful of being palestinians . because those who committed those murders are nothing but thugs who are paid to kill . like those we have been watching recently on the Arab world revolutions , as in Egypt, Yemen and Libya , hired thugs ..who sadly are from us.......
The two murders of Juliano and Vittorio send one simple message to all those who stand up with solidarity to Palestinians: U SUPPORT TERRORISTS AND THE Y MURDER YOU couldnt be more clearer .
As Iam looking to Vittorio's photos around.. all with pure loving warm eyes to a strong belief in a lost cause of humanity .. a strive to help in any possible way in an impossible environment ..leaving behind a modern world and by all means a cleaner and civilizer surrounding ...holding his heart before an innocent child and raising a palestinian flag screaming for freedom and justice....Julianos sharp eyes and strong words echo my surrounding ...
Two heros in the hearts and souls of thousands of Palestinians, whom they managed to plant some hopes of a life that their presence gave .. the tears in the eyes of those little girls in Jenin when Juliano was murdered ,where those of a berieved child over the loss of a father .. Vittorio's breaking the borders and seas to stay in Gaza to support Palestinians , broke the seize of fear and frustration that haunt every palestinian soul .
May both souls... Juliano and Vittorio... rest in real PEACE . In a PEACE they granted to thousands in a fight for freedom ... not to a nation or a people ... but to whole human race racing for freedom and peace....

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