Sunday, February 16, 2014

Should I cry you Palestine?

Should I cry you Palestine?
Another time , in another scenario that is embrace under the umbrella of the united nation .
When sixty four years ago , the announcement of Israel was made, out of nothing ,
Today the announcement of Palestine would be made , but to nothing .
It is a sad day for what is left of Palestine ..
Palestine the meaning
Palestine the nationhood
Palestine the homeland
Palestine the geography
Palestine the people
Palestine the resistance
Palestine the cause
Tonight we will be granted a Palestine , with no meaning left except the pronunciation of the word that has been engraved in our existence.
Tonight we will be granted a Palestine , with no borders or sovereignty .
A Palestine with an authority that safeguards Oppression .
A Palestine with a erased geography
A Palestine with displaced population
A Palestine with chunks of a land
A Palestine with a fraction of people
Tonight , I am crying Palestine ,
To an announcement of a word that will be meaningless ..
To a word that will take away my dream of a land
Our aspiration to freedom
Our thrive to be a nor al citizen of a normal country.
Tonight we will have a Palestine ,
With separated borders ,
Seized cities ,
Surrounded with wired walls and checkpoints.
Enclaved with settlements
A Palestine with no foggish institutions
A Palestine with dependent economy
A Palestine with defined borders only in the clouds
A Palestine that transferred into an air bubble....where its people has been resigned to live in since two decades..
A bubble that when blown uphill consist of both the people and the land...
Rest in peace... My sweet dream of Palestine....

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