Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sitting here with this whole space, of fullingness and nothingness.

With all those noises, children screaming, people chatting, lifeguard yelling with his instructions, people all shapes and kinds moving around, each having a whole life of his own, in this one space.

Absolute serenity despite all the noise.

Quietness, despite all the sounds.

A place one can practice solitude and abide loneliness.

Absolute interaction with eternity .

My mind is sweeping softly,

Enchanted with the flow of the waves.

Everything is so perfectly quiet, yet occupied with life.

I feel wrapped with all those emotions of tenderness.

Covered with the unlimited wrath of the sky

Protected by the warmth of the everlasting sunshine

Everything inside me is moving in harmony accordingly to the flow of nature before me.

Everything seems to be inside its own sphere of uniqueness,


All is gathered in one continuous harmonious portion of life.


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