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November 27, 2009 at 3:16pm
Hamas once again was able to spin the table and make itself the center of attention . Everyone is talking Hamas now even Marwan Barghoutti . the atmosphere seems to be prepared for a new phase , where Hamas apparently will be the headline .
Israeli media is softening the air about Hamas indirectly and at some occasions indirectly , and still spreading what is left from the poison that was given to Abu Mazen on every opportunity .
Many of our spectators , undermined the effect of Goldstone scandal on the collapse of Abu Mazen. Apparently it has confirmed that it was the stab that was given to Abu Mazen directly in the heart .
Hamas managed each time to benefit of every situation ardently and prudently . As much as it managed to turn into a defender at the Goldstone matter, again, gaining popularity that it has long time mislaid , and over again through direct assail from Fateh, who all over again put out of mind that the enemy wasn’t Hamas , but the Occupation .
At the moment, Hamas, is capturing the attention of all the world, Americans , Europeans, and of course Israel, who is resulting itself not only in negotiating but spitefully closing a deal that no negotiations since Oslo has managed to exceed pertaining to the prisoners (and everything else) . And consequently, Hamas, once again is gaining its popularity on the national altitude, when they are closing a deal that is not differentiating between a Hamas or a Fateh or any prisoner(even though it is pretty sure things behind the scenes are different) , conversely ,what the Palestinian street is receiving is what reckons . The release of prisoners that were given hope on seeing the light of a free blue sky again .
Marwan Barghouti’s stance is even giving Hamas more and more popularity and legitimacy in the street once again . And all over again , Hamas negotiating his release without taking into consideration that his release might be a direct and powerful reason for a Fateh strong come back on the popular Palestinian level , which would mean winning in the next election .
Whatever the truth of all this is , is not important . What is important is the gain that Hamas is getting from all this .
Scoring one more time after its downfall after the Gaza invasion , and the massacre of the Islamists co-fundamentalists in the mosque in Gaza.
After the deal is over , and the swap will take place , Hamas will once again be able to function appropriately in Gaza. Now with the acknowledgment of all those who opposed and contested their rule , including Israel . The rehabilitation of Gaza will mark another major score for Hamas that will prove that it is there for building not destruction , and of course the billions that were promised will be released at the disposal of Hamas.
Even if Hamas was just given recognition of ruling over Gaza, and the dark scenario of an official rule in Gaza excluding the West Bank takes place. Hamas will demonstrate to the world and the Palestinians that once given the opportunity to rule, it will develop and prosper as a regime and as a productive leader .
Which will signify that , it will be more powerful in the West Bank, and it will slowly , maybe quickly gain enormous support among the people, especially , that people will realize clearly that the economical bubble that was promised by the PA PM was nothing but a fizz .
Hamas sort of exertion in infrastructure , is based on direct grassroots development , not just institutional chain of command and western technology show offs that we are witnessing now , with salaries and money flaw that address only a certain level of people , that maintains riches for the already rich , and misery to the already poor .
Hamas infrastructural development plan was based on building a solid network of inner development that makes every Palestinian feel involved, the case that led to its taking the rule in the former elections.
In Ramalla, we will still witness a PA and a Fateh movement recruiting all its might against fighting Hamas, and mostly with irresponsible verbal attacks, and increase their pressure on Hamas supporters , through intelligence forces that will focus on reports just for Hamas possible supporters, forgetting once again that the enemy is behind the wall that they watched building , and the settlements that they will agree to freeze , and of a no Jerusalem left , except a few roads and neighborhoods that the Israelis would leave , not voluntarily but also after negotiating to the end.
While Au Mazen is still maneuvering with his intimidations of resigning or not going to elections, the last of them was yesterday declaring that he will not resign until the elections, but will not reelect himself . It looks like a unremitting game of words with him , omitting or adding a word from this sentence each time .
Of course , the Palestinians with the official division one in Gaza and one in Ramalla, will continue to witness massive assails from the two official governments; since officiality is what the West and Israel decide, not conventions or laws , and since; jurisdiction is decided through the flaw of money that the donors make a decision to unbolt and to which direction , and now, it will be opened in the two directions , so legitimacy will be granted to all.
And in Ramalla, a struggle over an authority that doesn’t really exist will go on. A thrash about of maintaining money and positions , where in Gaza they will be screening to the world their focus on rebuilding the destroyed Gaza, and from underneath they will be building positions and smuggling weaponry and money .
Of course they will all vow our wellbeing, and they will all keep calling for resistance. And at some points , they will all condemn Israel, and at the end , they will unite together to close a deal with Israel over finishing what is not yet finished of whatever is left from what we once dreamed is Palestine. But they will all grant us the so called Palestinian status of a no state or real sovereignty .
Moving the cards of this poker Palestinian game is reaching to an closing stages . The only card left is the card of dissolving the PA . Abu Mazen and his team of leadership , managed with their too much state of flexibility ,and focusing on reaching a deal with Israel disregarding the concerns and real interests of people, to lose all what is left from any credibility among their people and their co negotiators .
The art of negotiation is based on two parties each looking at its own interests and focusing on its own strength and weakening the other party’s strengths ,and scratching its weaknesses more . Our negotiators focused on the strengths of the other party and only strengthened it through all those years through focusing on how to gratify them.
It all reached a closed end . I wish for Abu Mazen, to announce dissolving for the PA , it will save him and us , from a coming dark future, that the princes of the darkness he named, will shed the real darkness on us for so many years to come .
Nadia Harhash

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