Thursday, February 13, 2014

wondering in war time

I was sitting at the WCC meeting ,and felt very touched about the Lebanese resistance and reaction to the Israeli invasion to their land .
Later in the same evening , I had to pay a friend a visit to give her condolences on her brother’s death. A group f more than thirty women were sitting and they were all listening intensely to one religious friend of mine who I greatly admire. I wasn’t much with the conversation, because it was mixed by hearing Quraan and a religious lesson at the same time . It was more or less the same kind of talk we usually hear at religious lessons.
A different sentence captured me ,when she said , sisters, look at the example f lebanon ,” God said if you render victory to God, God will grant you victory .’’
That is very true , as a basic saying in the Islamic religion .
But I was thinking , how easy it is for us to grant the “victory’’ of the Lebanese to islam .
Suddenly, Lebanon, the free non Islamic country , actually known among fundamentalists as a country of cabaret dancers and night clubs. Even Hizballah, belonged not very long time ago to Shi3a’s, who for us Sunni’s are barely Moslems.
I was thinking how sarcastic God really made this , if Islam was victorious by the only Arab country that its constitution and government is not Islamic, and when Islamic figures had to render victory to the word of Islam it was by the Shi3i minority.
It is all s true ,that if you render victory to God, God grants you victory , but this time it wasn’t under a name of a religion , if Islam means free thinking , then this the victory God promised us as Moslems.
Because ,at this time ,God granted victory to Lebanese resistance , when they as a whole ,as one body decided to unite against oppression, against injustice.
When they w
ere granted victory ,they were not picked up as Sunnis or Shi3is or Christians or Durzis,
It was their free minds that united them . it was their approach towards their humanity that united them .
This is why God granted them victory .

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