Tuesday, May 27, 2014

how do we define harassment against women

How do we define harassment / abuse addressed towards women ?

Living in a strictly patriarchal society , that is a sub society of a patriarchal globe is definitely not easy to define for a woman .

One would say , what do you women need, you are ALLOWEd to education ,to public participation, to labour force, to dress the way you desire (sometimes) , to choose your spouse , to go shopping , to drive a car ,to participate in election and and and ...

My answer is as a simple as : WHY DO WE NEED TO BE ALLOWED ? this is exactly what de-define our status in our societies (Palestine in this case) . Why is it always that MEN grant us our rights . They even want to fight for our rights and get it on behalf of us .

If a woman is vicious , tough and rough , she is outrageously considered a monster that needs to be tamed . But when a man is vicious ,tough and rough , he is just a man .

When a man harasses a woman , she is to be blamed . she must have provoked him . A whole analysis of her behaviour and mental background go under strict scrutinising .

When a woman defends herself in front of the ambiguity , superiority complexes , arrogance of male dominance ,she is offensive, rude and lacks manners .

It is just Being a woman .... and it is such an impossible being ... in such an impossible place.

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