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disasters management

disasters management

October 22, 2013 at 1:20pm

Disasters management

The Israeli army decided today, for another time to visitour campus zone . Of course after sometime one stops thinking why do they do it. What is so attractive in that particular area that magnetizes them and bringthem over . Nevertheless  ,according tosome analysis ;there is a structure of a building that faces the wall , whichboth concurrently face my office ( of course this is not an important piece oinformation, but just to make the issue more spicy ,and me more important )   , willbe demolished today .
So by hook or by crook  , the university , as a safety procedure ,andin order to avoid clashes and tear gas, decided to evacuate the campus .
Somehow on the way back and forth, some enormous traffic jamthat was created at the entrance or exit of abu deis \maaleh adomim , as aresult of a single police motorcyclist on the intersection .
For very unknown  indefinite reasons , in what seemsoverwhelmingly devastatingly amazing, the two lane two way street turns into amulti one way thoroughfare ! !
At some point I wasn’t exactly comprehending on which way ofthe street I was driving . Cars emerging  from all directions against and alongside alldirections directions, honking from all tracks .
I couldn’t but think, if living in a cycle of conflict andoccupation for decades didn’t until this moment teach us how to manage a simplestate of chaos ..
In a country that disaster control should be an art , itturns out to be only another igniting point for another chaotic disaster . Moreskeptically, to say , we do kindle calamities and hardship . What twitches likea problematic situation concludes in an adversity that sums into a naturaldisaster …

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