Sunday, February 16, 2014

let it snow ,let it snow, let it snow !!!!

let it snow ,let it snow, let it snow !!!!

December 16, 2013 at 2:43pm
Watching the sky turningto blue again, with a clear color, and some reflective serenity, that maybeexplains what happens up there while we only receive the outcome of a definitestate of mind of that power above. if It was in a form of Mother Nature or god. As if a debate was taking place and finally, it happened … was it an expression oflove or hate, what took place?
And down people reveal what lies under the white cover. Broken trees, levering the white unwantedguest from all the pathways trying to catch up with normal life again …
Normal life!!!! Rushing to schools, as if our schools produce to us Einstein’s and Steve jobs … going towork as if our institutions hold the future of economics and stock markets.
While we sit freezing in the freezing walls of our houses, with no proper electricity and heating system that doesn’t exist. A whole structure or what should be called infrastructure of a life of disasters with nothing compliant with coping with disasters.
Outside the roads, with the fear of walking or driving is as hazardous. When during the years we only see construction of roads and infrastructure works. The enormous signs ofthanking the USAID and the west for the generous roads … all that money pumpedto make us survive …
Survive. We became likecats whose owners removed its paws and then left them in the forest, sending back to their original place.
We have cars that cannot drive in such nature-calling phenomenon. We have streets that flood when it rains.We have electricity that cuts off when a storm hits by.
And then, we are called toperform naturally. You have to send your children to a school, that regardless to the hazard on the roads, the freezing weather, the unmelting, slipperypathways can only assure more hazards for both young and adults. And then wecall out for Safety procedures.
We are expected to go toour work places, to deliver, to just act normally, when nothing around us is normal.
And thankfully. We stillhave this sense of humor. Sense of surviving without our claws. We can stillmake snowmen in all forms and shapes, still far from creativity that exceedsthis place, but one that reflects who we are, and makes a new form ofinnovative culture. We can still capture those moments, and post every single move on social media.
We can still share postsof misery of others, like our fellow people in Gaza, who are left with no clawsand no furs. We can still sympathize via web, while sitting in the luxury ofour own freezing rooms under our warm blankets (like me)…
And while we were busysurviving a Mother Nature grant, Kerry passed by, and his plan somehow wasleaked like melting snow. Slowly, drop by drop, and since its snow and white,with no clarity of what lies beneath. But as expected, nothing but moredisasters to this nation. Trying to sell whatever is left of this land. And a president,that makes echoing statements, while the world is succeeding in cripplingIsrael settlement by boycotting, while someone as Stephen hawking, and EU

Parliament announces theirdefiance to Israeli Settlements. He comes out to announce that his Palestinian state has nothing against Israel … and is not boycotting … As if he ismaking this statement to Israel on behalf of his contribution ot the death ofNelson Mandela ??
Not that anyone cares ifhis deformed born state that those settlements are built on, and the streetsthat enclave his villages. His false economical status.
What else … I still feelthe serenity of the white visitor.
Let it snow, let it snow,let it snow .

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